Display Advertising

What is it and how it can it help you reach customers based on four layers of targeting all while being measurable. These ads are displayed on the most poplar websites and apps.

What is Display Advertising?

Display commonly serves ads across websites and apps utilizing banner ads of various sizes to reach people on desktop and mobile devices.

These ads can include images, as well as rich media with interactive elements like video, a map or a live sign-up form.

Display advertising is unique in that it gives advertisers the ability to granularly reach individuals with three layers of in-depth targeting — geography, demographics and audience interests. This allows the advertiser to target the most qualfiied audience with your desired message.


Measure the success of the display ad campaign. We’ll provide full reports and transparency on where your ad is being displayed and more. We offer reports sent Monthly, daily, weekly or whenever it’s needed.

Display ad delivery is measured in many different ways, but the four key factors are:

  • Impressions — The number of times the ad has been served.
  • Reach — The number of people who have seen the ad.
  • Frequency — The number of times someone sees the ad.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) — A ratio that tells you how often people who have seen the ad ended up clicking on it

All these factors can be broken down via individual websites and apps on our reports to provide transparency.


In-depth Targeting

Targeting is chosen by the advertiser/Eves digital to best suit the goals of the advertising campaign.


  • Demographic targeting — Utilizes third-party data to target people based on gender, age, income level, educational background and family size.
  • Geographic targeting — Utilizes ZIP codes, city, state and country information to target people based on their devices’ locations.
  • Audience interest targeting — Targets people based on their browsing, email and purchase history.
  • Retargeting is targeting a specific audience or prospective buyer — again. This can helps an advertiser stay top of mind and give their customers more opportunities to connect with the brand and/or purchase a desired product/service