What is Online Reputation Management?

Often overlooked, online reputation management is how others see you when they look for you online. Everyone has an online reputation. And you do have say.

Online reputation management (ORM) means taking control of the online conversation. Its techniques and strategies ensure that people find the right materials when they look for you on the Internet.

Our ORM includes Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp!, and Twitter.

Two Cycles of Online Repuation

Vicious Cycle: Ignore your online reputation and you risk falling victim to a vicious cycle of misinformation and rumors.

Virtuous Cycle: Take care of your online reputation and you create a virtuous cycle of positive, quality materials that reflect well on your business and brand

What We Can Do

The four big areas for reputation is Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp!, and Twitter.

We'll do comprehensive review of all your social media, looking at comments, reviews and what's being shared across the platforms.

We'll work to address comments and reviews.

If your business isn't using Google My Business, we'll claim yours through Google and get it verified.

We'll confirm basic information is right, like address, logo, phone number Etc.

We'll then review comments and work with you to address any issues or negative reviews to make positive experiences to bring back customers who might not have wanted to come back.

On Yelp! we'll claim your business and just like with Google My Business we'll get it verified on the platform and review comments.


We'll keep track of how brand/business reputation is reflecting using three different measurements.

The first is sentiment, a ratings system, where positivity and negativity is measured based on daily percentages of interactions. It'll look at comments, reviews to create this report and tell if we're going in the right direction.

The second is the reviews chart, it simply tells us how many reviews are coming in everyday using data from Facebook, Google my Business, Yelp!, and Twitter.

And lastly we use a star review system, Five being the highest rated. We keep track of all platforms, the same platforms as above. It'll combine all data to determine success rates.