What is Over-The-Top Video? (Connected TV/OTT)

Over-the-Top (OTT) advertising is video advertising that is delivered during internet- streamed television or movie services, rather than delivered via cable or satellite television. OTT advertising is similar to traditional TV advertising, but for these newer, alternative TV devices.

OTT ads are 15 or 30 seconds in length, and may be delivered as pre-roll, mid-roll or post-roll, just like video ads.

You See These Ads Everyday

You've seen these advertisements on your favorite streaming platforms.


Hulu, Apple TV®, Amazon Fire®, Roku®, and even PlayStation®, Xbox® or a streaming service viewed on a laptop or mobile device.

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Audience Targeting

Targeting is chosen by the advertiser/Eves digital to best suit the goals of the advertising campaign.

  • Demographic targeting — Utilizes third-party data to target people based on gender, age, income level, educational background and family size.
  • Geographic targeting — Utilizes ZIP codes, city, state and country information to target people based on their devices’ locations.
  • Audience interest targeting — Targets people based on their browsing, email and purchase history.
  • Retargeting is targeting a specific audience or prospective buyer — again. This can helps an advertiser stay top of mind and give their customers more opportunities to connect with the brand and/or purchase a desired product/service.

Remember that OTT ads occupy 100% of available screen space.


Measure the success of the Over-the-Top video advertising campaign. We’ll provide full reports and transparency on where your ad is being displayed and more. We offer reports sent Monthly, daily, weekly or whenever it’s needed.

Measure the performance of OTT ad campaigns by looking at the following metrics:

  • Impressions — The number of times the OTT ad has been served.
  • Completions — The percentage of total ad plays wherein the video runs from start tofinish.
  • Clicks — How many times a viewer clicked on the ad.
  • CTR — The ratio of clicks to impressions.

Note that the performance metrics of OTT ads are not an exact science. One impression doesn’t necessarily mean only one person saw it, especially when the ad is viewed on larger screens, where it is common for there to be multiple viewers watching a single device.

All these factors can be broken down via individual websites and apps on our reports to provide transparency.