What Is Display/Video Geofencing?

Geofencing can help you reach customers based on precise location targeting, all while being measurable. These ads just are displayed on the most poplar websites and apps.

Geofencing provides the opportunity to deliver banner ads and video ads based on specific geographic targeting to audiences while they are using apps and mobile websites.
Geofencing has two features to be successful:

targeting radius around a specifc location to reach a qualified audience.

A strong CTA that directs people to a well-designed landing page with clear and concise copy.

And geofencing includes ads like display ads, video ads, and retargeting.

You See These Ads Everyday

You've seen these advertisements on your favorite websites and apps. From national news sites to weather, sports and blogs sites.

These national sites have ad space available right now.

Get your business on these sites and apps. It won't cost you a small fortune either!

We've Partnered With The Trade Desk

Eves Digital Display/video Geofencing has partnered with The Trade Desk, a media buying platform trusted by major brands worldwide.

This means you can have your business in front of your customers, no matter what site or app they choose to visit. And the best part is everything is transparent with our reports. Don't like a site or app, we can cater to it.

Audience Targeting

In-depth Targeting
Targeting is chosen by the advertiser/Eves Digital to best suit the goals of the advertising campaign.

Build the geofence. Try to keep geofences smaller than two square miles.

Incorporate multiple fences and run a campaign 24/7 to boost visibility and help you reach more of the target audience.

Retargeting as part of a geofencing campaign helps lead to better brand/name recognition, consumer loyalty and retention, and ultimately drives better ROI.

Retargeting is targeting a specific audience or prospective buyer — again. This can helps an advertiser stay top of mind and give their customers more opportunities to connect with the brand and/or purchase a desired product/service


Measure the success of the geofence ad campaign. We’ll provide full reports and transparency on where your ad is being displayed and more. We offer reports sent monthly, daily, weekly or whenever it’s needed.

Display ad delivery is measured in many different ways, but the three key factors are evaluating impressions, clicks and CTR.

It may also be helpful to try A/B creative testing and to analyze performance based on impressions by location, time or site lists. A/B testing is a great way to measure user experience by comparing two different versions of content.

All these factors can be broken down via individual websites and apps on our reports to provide transparency.